Taxation Lawyer Gold Coast

Section 51(ii) of the Australian Constitution grants the Commonwealth the power to impose taxes, and to impose laws regarding the collection and administration of taxes. However, since 1942 only the Commonwealth imposes income tax, and this is by far the largest source of revenue for the Commonwealth Government.

Types of Taxes

Individual income taxes, Corporate income taxes, Payroll taxes, and Capital gains taxes; Sales taxes, Gross receipts taxes, Value-added taxes, and Excise taxes; Property taxes, Tangible personal property taxes, Estate, and inheritance taxes.

The Tax Legislation is extremely complicated and is not just one legislation there are several Acts that need to be understood together.

Tax Treaty

Australia has Taxation Treaties with other Countries so if you are out side of Australia for more than 182 days per year you may be entitled to tax relief under the treaty systems.

Tax Audits

Taxation Audits may cause a great deal of concern especially if the Australian Taxation Office has targeted you or your corporation for matters that may be incorrect. In any event it is worthwhile having Legal Counsel who can assist you with what is necessary and avoid putting forward information that is not required.

Tax Charter

The Australian Taxation Office have responsibilities to the Tax payer, and it is important to ensure your rights are adhered to.

Taxation Lawyer

In this area of law Christopher Garlick has had a great deal of experience and his written submissions are very complex and detailed as well being known as a formidable opponent when on his feet in Court.

If you require the representation where your case is fully ventilated and all aspects presented without fear, then you are invited to consider Christopher Garlick to represent your client, or if a direct client, yourself.