Case Studies

Kislyakova & another v Pointon [2015] QSC 158

(12/2963) Atkinson J 15 May 2015 (delivered ex tempore)

3 COUNSEL C J Garlick for the applicants R P S Jackson for the respondent SOLICITORS PAT Law how and why the admissions came to be made. 11 Mr Garlick, the barrister engaged by the new solicitors

57 Moss Rd v T&M Buckley Pty Ltd & Anor [2010] QSC 278

(10/3037) Ann Lyons J 15 July 2010

The decision of the superintendent was unlawful. 5 On 20 April in proceeding number 2795 of 2010 Christopher John Garlick Garlick, a light in the affidavit of the sole director and shareholder Garlick in his affidavit of 23 April 2010 b to pay an adverse costs order. Moss has one million fully paid shares of $1 each issued to Garlick

T & M Buckley Pty Ltd & Ors v Garlick [2010] QDC 432

(10/1977) Robin QC DCJ 27 October 2010 (delivered ex tempore)

BUCKLEY PTY LTD OTHERS Plaintiffs and CHRISTOPHER JOHN GARLICK Defendant DATE 27 10 2010 Mr Garlick. He is a barrister representing himself so that, speaking generally, the costs he can philosophy in r 307 Mr Garlick might be thought entitled to general costs of the proceeding.

Thomas & Anor v Kendon & Ors [2012] QDC 95

(11/0535) Newton DCJ 11 May 2012

2 COUNSEL C. Garlick, for the first and second plaintiffs D. Keane, for the first, second and 2 March 2012 Mr Garlick, on behalf of the plaintiffs and Mr Aitken, the solicitor for the defendants

Yarwood (Deceased) v Smith [2020] QSC 89

(BS 5866 of 2018) Jackson J 23 April 2020

David Allan Evans in this Court 4. Mr Christopher John Garlick is permitted to have access to the on 25 September 2018 that does not permit Mr Garlick to have access to the documents where the Garlick, a retainer of the defendant. Liberty to apply was granted. 5 On 6 November 2018.

Queensland Building and Construction Commission v Bush [2015] QMC 11

(13/4508) JR Clarke 20 March 2015

Mr C Garlick, direct brief for the Defendant Respondent SOLICITORS Rostron Carlyle for the decision, it being apparently voided by the impermissible second or subsequent claim. Mr Garlick stated the determination sought was novel.

Yarwood v Smith [2018] QSC 279

(BS No 5866 of 2018) Martin J 14 November 2018

Mr Garlick, who, it appears, was acting as Mr Smiths agent.

Dariush-Far v Chief Executive, Department of Justice and Attorney General [2018] QCA 21

(17/7618) Morrison and Philippides JJA and Applegarth J 2 March 2018

Life Ban against Mr Dariush for fraudulent behaviour as an estate agent

Wardle v Sanctuary Cove Principal Body Corporate GTP202 - Architectural Review Committee [2015] QCAT 172

(OCL065-14) Dr Cullen, Member 20 May 2015

2 REPRESENTATIVES APPLICANT Pamela Wardle and John Playel represented by Mr Christopher Garlick

T & M Buckley Pty Ltd v 57 Moss Rd Pty Ltd [2010] QCA 381

(10/3052) Fraser and White JJA and Philippides J 23 December 2010

His Honour erred in failing to allow Mr Garlick to call or give evidence to Garlick who, in addition to appearing as counsel for the applicant, was its sole director to give evidence

Crawford v Shakespeare Haney Securities Ltd [2008] QCA 363

(08/11325) Muir JA 20 November 2008 (delivered ex tempore)

Justice Muir was very impressed with Counsel for the Applicant, Mr Garlick

Cambio Group Pty Ltd v Fanengine Pty Ltd & Ors (No 2) [2014] QDC 116

(13/0384) Reid DCJ 27 May 2014 (delivered ex tempore)
2 COUNSEL Mr C. Garlick for the first and third defendants SOLICITORS Rose Litigation

T&M Buckley Pty Ltd v 57 Moss Rd Pty Ltd [2010] QDC 60

(09/27270) Samios DCJ 5 March 2010

Moody for the applicant Mr Garlick for the respondent SOLICITORS Mills Oakley Lawyers for the applicant

Schneider & Anor v Queensland Building and Construction Commission [2018] QCAT 412

(GAR046-17) Member Dr Collier 3 December 2018

REPRESENTATION Applicant C Garlick Respondent S Tabaiwalu, inhouse solicitor REASONS FOR DECISION Schneiders succeed

Queensland Building and Construction Commission v Schneider [2020] QCATA 124

(APL006-19) Senior Member Aughterson, Member Poteri 21 August 2020

3 APPEARANCES REPRESENTATION Applicant S Seefeld Counsel Respondent C Garlick Counsel REASONS

Barbi v Brewer [2013] QCAT 348

(BDL123-12) Fiona FitzPatrick, Member 8 July 2013

Tony Brewer represented by Mr Garlick of counsel.

Shakespeare Haney Securities Ltd v Crawford [2009] QCA 85

[2009]2 Qd 156 (08/11325) Muir JA Mullins J Douglas J 9 April 2009

Provident Society 1902 22 NZLR 445, cited COUNSEL C J Garlick for the appellant K Dorney QC, with P Lane

Wehbe & Partners Pty Ltd v Harmony Group Developments Pty Limited [2013] QCAT 340

(OCL106-11) Fiona FitzPatrick, Member 14 June 2013

Garlick of Counsel instructed by Delaneys Lawyers.