About Chris

Christopher John Garlick, who is a practicing Barrister at Law and located on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia has now been at the Queensland Bar since 2006 and is considered a senior barrister.

Garlick is well known for his advocacy skills and persuasive mannerisms in the court. Garlick is of the view that when dealing with Cross Examination the task is akin to using ‘Honey’ and not ‘Vinegar’…

Up until 2017, Christopher Garlick worked closely with a very esteemed gentleman, Marcus Jacobs of Her Majesties Counsel up until his death on the 26 February 2017. Mr Jacobs QC taught Garlick very life changing skills, such as to ‘look for what is not in the document’ and then see what the legislation requires to be ‘in the document.’

Mr Jacobs QC authored many legal books, Arbitration and Construction and many others however Garlick worked closely with Mr Jacobs with building payment disputes and was named within the preface of the 6th edition of the ‘Security of Payment’ in the Australian Building and Construction Industry as being a colleague who greatly assisted Mr Jacobs QC.

Beware of the bald-heads of the law, for there are two men whom you should never go to Court against unless you are dragged there; one is he who has more money than you have, and the other is he who has no money at all. With the former you may lose even if you are in the right, and with the latter you will lose even if you win.

(Australianus (pseudonym of K.J. Back), ‘Law’, The Royal Toast, 1920)

There’s no better way of using the imagination than the study of law. No poet ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer interprets truth.

(Jean Giraudoux (1882-1944) Tiger at the Gaates, 1935, trans, Christopher Fry)
The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law.
Jeremy Bentham quotes (Philosopher and Activist. 1748-1832)

Lawyers generally prefer not to rush things.

(Justice Kirby (Australian Law Reform Commission, on the 52 years it has taken for lawyers to join scientists at ANZAAS) Sydney Morning Herald, Sayings of the Week, 15 May 1982))