Property & Mortgages Lawyer

The Property Law Act 1974 is a complex area of the law as well as Mortgages that may attach to residential property it is important to understand the rights the mortgagees have when enforcing their debts for recovery in a forced situation. There are mandatory steps that must be taken before a property can be sold to recover the debt that is secured over the property and if any of these steps fails then the mortgagee may be prevented from recovery of the debt at that time.

Debts secured by Mortgages can be subrogated to third parties which may cause additional issues for a borrower who has never dealt with the subrogated party.

Consumer Credit Codes can assist a borrower who is under that legislative umbrella and should be aware of their legal rights. At a time where a lender is enforcing a security of a residential property the emotions and stress can be overwhelming, having a Legal Counsel who can guide you through this area is vital.

Property & Mortgages Lawyer

In this area of law Christopher Garlick has had a great deal of experience and his written submissions are very complex and detailed as well being known as a formidable opponent when on his feet in Court.

If you require the representation where your case is fully ventilated and all aspects presented without fear, then you are invited to consider Christopher Garlick to represent your client, or if a direct client, yourself.