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Do You Need Help With A Drink Driving Charge?

Call to get the right assistance, there are technical solutions to those charged improperly with Drink Drive, do not just accept you are unable to defend the charge, you may be able to defend on a technicality that is perfectly acceptable at law.

There have been charges where the prosecution just withdraws their charge to the court once a technical issue is found, these are years of working with DD and the fact is not all Australian Legal Practitioners have the experience with looking for the defect in the charge.

Drink Driving Offences

The greater public who has the privilege of driving on the roads expect to be safe. This is a basic right, that all road users are safe. The tolerance of persons operating a vehicle on a public road who present a blood alcohol reading in excess of the legal limit will be charged and required to appear before the Court.

In some instances, it is possible to apply for a work license if you admit you are guilty of being in excess of the legal blood alcohol limit, but various other factors play, such as is it a first offence is it an offence within five years of a previous offence, or was there anyone injured as a consequence of the breach of the law.

Holder of a learner, P1/P2 provisional or probationary license (regardless of age). 0.00
(no alcohol limit)
Holder of an open license.
(However, if you obtain your class RE motorcycle license, you must ride with a zero BAC in your first year of riding, regardless of your age or the class of vehicle license you hold).
Below 0.05
(general alcohol limit)
Holder of a license when driving, or in charge of, a truck (GVM over 4.5t), bus (built or fitted to carry more than 12 adults, including the driver), articulated motor vehicle, B-double, road train, vehicle carrying dangerous goods, taxi, limousine, tow truck, pilot vehicle, and public passenger vehicle or a vehicle while it is being used by a driver trainer to give driver training (or any driver supervising a learner driver). 0.00
(no alcohol limit)

What period of disqualification of my driver license will I get?

First time convictions carry a fine and disqualification. The length of disqualification and amount of the fine depends largely on the blood alcohol limit. If there are previous convictions the fine and disqualification time will increase. According to the legislation if there are 3 convictions in 5 years with BAC readings above 0.15% jail time will be a compulsory part of the punishment.

Below is a table showing a table of possible penalties for first time offenders:

Over the “no alcohol limit”
  • Maximum fine $1,400 and/or 3 months’ imprisonment; AND
  • Mandatory disqualification of 3 months with a maximum of 9 months
Over “general alcohol limit” (.05% – .099%)
  • Maximum fine $1,400 and/or 3 months’ imprisonment; AND
  • Mandatory disqualification of 1 month with maximum of 9 months
Over “middle alcohol limit” (.1%-.149)
  • Maximum fine $1,400 and/or 3 months’ imprisonment; AND
  • Mandatory disqualification of 3 months with maximum of 12 months
Over “high limit” (over .15%)
  • Maximum fine $2,100 and/or 9 months’ imprisonment; AND
  • Mandatory disqualification of 6 months with a maximum of an absolute disqualification

It is also an offence to refuse or fail to provide a specimen of breath for analysis.

If you are charged with this, you are considered to have committed a high range drink driving charge (DUI)

Why Engage A DUI & Drug Driving Lawyer?

Having an experienced legal professional represent you can help improve the chances of the courts being more lenient. 

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