Domestic Violence Lawyer Gold Coast

Do you require legal help in relation to Domestic Violence?

There are two sides to domestic violence, the victim and the accused. A domestic violence Barrister may be able to help regardless of which position you find yourself in and we aim to be unbiased and listen to your side of the story as we have experience in dealing with many domestic violence cases.

If you have been accused of Domestic Violence and believe these accusations to be unfair, I can assist in ensuring your side of the story is heard. 

On the other hand you may have a genuine reason for needing protection, then I can assist there for you as well.

Either way the Domestic Violence Court should be taken very seriously, as their rules are not the same as other courts.

Do you believe you have been unfairly accused?

If you are currently in the process of becoming separated, be aware that Domestic Violence tactics are used by a partner in an attempt to get the upper hand.

It is not unusual for a complainant to fabricate a situation, and the issues with this is the Court will normally side with the complainant. It is vital you get an Australian Legal Practitioner who understands these disgraceful tactics to amplify to the court the deceitful tactics.

It is normally used to get you out of the family home and removed from the children and prevented from seeing your children at the school and other awful outcomes.

You should not just accept what is being done as OK, it is not OK and you need to know any mark against your name can significantly impact on you during family law proceedings where your children are involved.

You need to protect yourself from such behaviour, I know firsthand about this sort of behaviour, and that is why I am so passionate about helping others.

If you feel your former partner is out to get an order against you based on lies and deceit, then you need some serious help – Ex Partners may use the DVO court as a weapon and some will stop at nothing to make sure they harm you as much as they can.

As a leading domestic violence Lawyer, Chris Garlick along with a Leading Private Investigation Firm will help you get to the truth and to expose the lies and deceit…

Are you the victim and have a genuine fear for your own safety?

If you are a genuine victim then Chris Garlick knows all too well how to help you and make sure you get the protection you deserve

If you have been a victim of family violence, it is important to ensure that you and your children are protected from this violence. Protection is available by way of an Intervention Order though the Magistrates’ Court, or a Family Violence Order through the Family Court.

The Magistrates Court can make Orders that order a person not to assault, molest or denigrate a person and can make Orders that restrain a person from being anywhere near your place of residence or place of employment and can Order the surrender of firearms if necessary, the Family Court can also order injunctions allowing one party the sole use and occupation of the former matrimonial home on an interim or final basis.

Family Violence is a ground upon which a party may be excused from the requirement of attending compulsory Family Dispute Resolution in relation to children’s issues.

Family Violence is also a factor taken into account when making a parenting Order, as one of the objects of the Court is to ensure the physical and psychological welfare of children.

If you are involved, or soon to be involved in family law proceedings, the Courts offer protective services if you are concerned about your safety whilst at Court.

The services offered include separate rooms for a Conciliation Conference, presence of security whilst you are in Court and video link up rather than in person appearance of a party.

If you are in immediate danger it is recommended that you contact the police and telephone call 000, the police may then be able to provide you with further information and may assist you to obtain an Intervention Order.

Why Engage A Domestic Violence Lawyer?

Having an experienced legal professional represent you can help improve the chances of the courts being more lenient. 

In this area of law Christopher Garlick has had a great deal of experience and his written submissions are very complex and detailed as well being known as a formidable opponent when on his feet in Court.

If you require the representation where your case is fully ventilated and all aspects presented without fear, then you are invited to consider Christopher Garlick to represent your client, or if a direct client, yourself.