Criminal Lawyer Gold Coast

Have you been charged with a crime?

It is important to understand your charges and where you stand from a legal perspective. Sometimes the prosecution will attempt to change the charges which can dramatically increase your potential jail time. 

As an experienced Criminal Lawyer Chris Garlick knows how to navigate the standard procedures can assist you and what he does not know, he can then call on his numerous colleagues to give him some assistance with the heavy lifting so to speak.

Do yourself a favour and get some solid representation from a man who cares.

Chris Garlick’s motto is ‘Human Face – Best Outcomes’.

Why Engage A Criminal Lawyer?

In this area of law Christopher Garlick has had a great deal of experience with Criminal Law and his written submissions are very complex and detailed as well being known as a formidable opponent when on his feet in Court.

If you require the representation where your case is fully ventilated and all aspects presented without fear, then you are invited to consider Christopher Garlick to represent your client, or if a direct client, yourself.