Corporate Lawyer Gold Coast

The Corporations Law is a Federal Jurisdiction and contains 6 volumes and 1643 sections of law. The Act is very complicated and to understand how to apply the Act in its self is a daunting task let alone knowing what is allowed and what is prohibited. Chris Garlick has been a Corporate lawyer for many years and has a great deal of understanding with this legislation and understands how to use it as a sword and a shield. The tactics required to use such legislation only comes after many years of experience and exposure.

Australian Corporations Law has historically borrowed heavily from UK company law. Its legal structure now consists of a single, national statute, the Corporations Act 2001. The statute is administered by a single national regulatory authority, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Since provisions in the Act can frequently be traced back to some pioneer legislation in the United Kingdom, reference is frequently made to judgments of courts there.
Though other forms are permitted, the main corporate forms in Australia are public and private (in Australia termed proprietary) companies, both of which predominantly have limited liability.

Corporate Lawyer

In this area of law Christopher Garlick has had a great deal of experience and his written submissions are very complex and detailed as well being known as a formidable opponent when on his feet in Court.

If you require the representation where your case is fully ventilated and all aspects presented without fear, then you are invited to consider Christopher Garlick to represent your client, or if a direct client, yourself.